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I do not think that apple is better. Otherwise they would not make a point of giving only 1 year guarantee in countries where 2 years is a legal obligation (with court cases as a consequence).
I really don't like it when people try to derail a thread with off-topic rants. Especially when they have limited knowledge about what they are talking about.

The 2 year EU-mandated limited warranty applies to any product sold to a consumer. The thing that most people miss is that after 6 months after purchase the burden of proofing defect in the product is on the buyer not seller (Apple = seller).

The limited manufacture's warranty (1 year in Apple's case) is a separate warranty that might have some overlap to the EU-mandated warranty but it is entirely up to the manufacture if they want to offer it.
On top of that warranty Apple offers Applecare which extends the time and problems it covers.

So there is no way that Apple can simply decide not to offer the EU-mandated warranty. What they don't have to offer is the limited manufacture's warranty and Applecare.
I did receive an infraction for a previous version of the above post. I'm not debating that since it was a little harsh to the poster. That post was deleted.

The above post is version 2. I see nothing that could be deemed as infringing of the CoC.