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Thread: Brand new Dell, no wireless

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    Brand new Dell, no wireless

    I just bought a brand new Dell Vostro with Ubuntu pre-installed.

    Fresh out of the box the wireless would connect to the router but would not connect to and surf the net.

    Upgraded to latest version, checked for drivers, still the same-- will connect to Router, but will not surf the net.

    The error page reads: "Server not found"
    Firefox cannot find the server at
    Check the address for typing errors...
    ...check your computer's network connection
    ...make sure Firefox is permitted to access the web

    I've double and triple checked the wireless settings until I'm blue in the face. The new Vostro will connect to the wireless network, it simply won't surf the net.

    I hope someone has an answer to this horribly frustrating dilemma.

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    Re: Brand new Dell, no wireless

    If the wireless is connecting to the router then the main issue is ok - the wireless works. I had a LOT of problems helping a friend who lived in an apartment. It would not connect properly. Nearby strong wirelss signals from adjoining neighbours looked like jamming. They ended up - talking to a neighbour, and (with consent), signing on to theirs! So - just be very sure you are trying to connect to your own signals, not next door's.
    Other thoughts - is the networking in Ubuntu set to get its IP address via dhcp (connect automatically, available to all users) and is the router set to offer and use a dhcp service?

    Maybe other comments will help. Good luck

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    Unhappy Re: Brand new Dell, no wireless

    With two other computers (a Dell Vostro laptop w/Win XP and my Compaq PC w/ Win 7) working wirelessly, I'm sure the router settings are correct. I'll double check the settings on the laptop.

    Since the total upgrade and updates, now the new Dell connects and disconnects continuously, driving me even crazier than before.

    Thanks for the comment, I'll double check everything and await some more comments.

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    Re: Brand new Dell, no wireless

    The DELL Vostro laptop is fixed and working flawlessly. It was wireless settings, corrected with the help of a local computer tech.

    Default settings from the factory were incorrect for Ubuntu operation.

    Why couldn't the Customer Service techs at DELL tell me that?

    How do I mark this issue as FIXED?

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