I'd like some clarification from the moderation about their closure of this thread.

While I agree that it was something of a touchy subject, and certainly had the potential to break a forum rule, it had not IMO actually done so. The reasons give for closure were:

  1. Political activity
  2. Discussion of potentially illegal activity

Re: Political activity

The OP did not make any attempt to discuss or promote his group's political aims, but merely approached the forum for technical advice regarding communications security. I feel there was no breach of ToCs.

Re: Illegal activity
  • Legitimate political protest is not illegal
  • Use of technology for secure communications is not illegal
  • The OP did not advocate or ask for information regarding anything illegal

I'm not expecting the thread to be re-opened, I'm just a bit concerned that the reasons given for closure don't seem to reflect the actual content of the thread. If the mods involved can justify their decision that's fine.