I'm a newbie to Ubuntu, but I tried it before. I have problems with my Acer Laptop (acer Aspire 8920G) : when I installed Ubuntu with Wubi, everything works great, but when the video card driver isn't installed, my laptop gets very hot and is spinning like hell. So, I first install updates with update manager and then I install the flgrx driver with Additional drivers (ATI Radeon HD 3650).
I restart the PC, but I notice everything is now much slower (e.g. laggy windows, things load slower), but my laptop isn't that hot anymore.

I read a few "solutions" but they didn't work. Some say the best thing is to install the driver vi AMD's website, I haven't tried that yet.

I heard Ubuntu and ATI cards don't work very well.
NOTE: I don't have Ubuntu installed right now, I'm running Win 7, but I've tried Ubuntu 11.10 a few months ago. My computer crashed due GRUB so I had to reinstall windows.

Does somebody have a solution for my video card?