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Thread: Guide: Software raid and LVM full disk encryption - Oneiric 11.10

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    Guide: Software raid and LVM full disk encryption - Oneiric 11.10

    (Pictures to come later) I'm writing this because I couldn't find any guidance when I searched and I don't want you to waste your Saturday morning like I did.

    This brief guide assumes that you will be installing Ubuntu as your only operating system, I am not sure if you could get the software raid to work with a dual boot setup.

    Step 1: Download the alternate install image.

    Step 2: Go through the normal setup steps, stop when you get to the partitioning screen.

    Step 3: Select 'manual'.

    Step 4: Remove all partitions.

    Step 5. Create a 550MB /boot partition on one of the drives. Set the format to be ext4.

    Step 6. Select 'Configure software raid' and add the select the free space left over that you'd like to include in your raid setup.

    Step 7. Select your raid configuration. I picked raid0.

    Step 8. After you're finished with raid select 'Configure encrypted volumes'.

    Step 9. Encrypt the raid partition and hit finish. It will now ask you to choose a pass phrase.

    Step 10. Activate the raid partition.

    Step 11. Create a LVM on the encrypted partition.

    Step 12. Create / and swap on the LVM.

    Step 13. Install!

    Step 14. You'll have to install grub to the one of the hard drives. Put it on the same one as the /boot partition and set your bios to boot that drive.
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