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In addition, you will probably want to set the umask 113 for files new files create so they will have permissions 0664. I think there should be a way to do that in samba, which is probably how most new files will mainly be created.
A umask of 113 will provide you with files with the following permissions u=rx,g=rx,o=wx. Why would you want read and exexute on Users and groups and write plus execute on others is beyond me. Maybe you miscalculated?

The kernel has a default of 666 for all file creation. This is rw for all. The umask alters this, so a umask of 022 provides 644 and a umask of 002 provides 664. If we apply your umask we have 666 - 113 which provides 553.

I set my umask to 002 on all hosts that provide file sharing (664) and 022 for hosts that are used by individuals. This is be set globally at /etc/profile.

Samba provides a series of mask definitions that are set in the share definition.

I am curious how you got to a umask of 113. Can you explain?