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Thread: Can't get HDMI output to work on HP Mini 311 Ubuntu 11.10

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    Can't get HDMI output to work on HP Mini 311 Ubuntu 11.10

    Hey all
    I'm new to Ubuntu. I have just been trialling 11.10 on my HP Mini 311. If all goes well I will probably switch my PC over too.

    BUT! I have one problem. I use both my PC and laptop to watch movies on my TV's. I like the convenience of just plugging the laptop into the TV and running a movie off the home network. On windows 7 this was never an issue. As soon as I plugged in the HDMI cable to the laptop a duplicate image would pop up on the TV and all I had to do was push play.

    With Ubuntu 11.10 things seem a bit more complicated. I updated the Nvidia drivers and managed to get the server settings up. Good start. Then I have to plug the TV into the laptop and enable the TV screen. Ok. Then I have an option of Seperate X screen (requires X restart), Twinview, and disabled.

    When I try Twinview the TV remains black. No image from the laptop at all. Even after a system restart.

    When I try seperate X screens and save settings and restart... well I get seperate X screens but the problem is when I disconnect the TV the laptop still acts as though the 2nd screen is there and I have to change the settings and reboot to return the laptop to normal.

    I really just want to be able to plug the thing in and it automatically adjust every time. Same as Windows seems to be able to do. No restart each time, or changing settings.

    I am really liking all the other benefits of Ubuntu and it's going to be really frustrating if I can't change over because of this one silly little issue.

    Hopefully some one else has had a simliar issue that they have managed to work through.

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Re: Can't get HDMI output to work on HP Mini 311 Ubuntu 11.10

    Oh, I did try searching for other topics on here and google and found SIMILAR issues but from what I could see people were generally happy with having to use seperate X screens and rebooting all the time.

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