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Thread: Arch Linux fun

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    Arch Linux fun

    I recently set up Arch Linux on my computer, and I have been using xfce desktop environment on it. I was just curious, what do you use and why? I am thinking about trying something different. My Internet is pretty slow and it would take me hours to try them all. All I am really using arch for is for it's speedy boot times and the latest updates....Sort of a test system. I still mainly use Ubuntu, but setting up and installing arch did teach me a lot about linux.

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    Re: Arch Linux fun

    As you have probably seen, Arch encourages you to configure your system as you wish. Thus it's a very good distro for learning.

    As time passed, after a period using arch, I found myself more comfortable using my systen than building/tweaking it. That's why I use Ubuntu. A bit a matter of laziness
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    Re: Arch Linux fun

    I'm using KDE on Arch... and I learned that Kubuntu is actually quite close to a vanilla KDE install.

    Since I can't upgrade the RAM on this laptop past 2GB, I might try Enlightment for the next build-up.


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