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Thread: Zorin OS 5 and Windows 7 dual boot-having an issue!

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    Unhappy Zorin OS 5 and Windows 7 dual boot-having an issue!

    I've just joined Ubuntu forums because of the problem I'm having.

    On my PC I have installed Windows 7 alongside Zorin OS 5 (dual boot) a long time ago. Everything was fine and dandy until today, when I started Windows 7 and a problem occurred. Windows 7 can't boot because something, I have no idea what, probably something important, is compressed. And how did this happen, you may (or may not) wonder? Well, yesterday I compressed my C hard drive because of the lack of space. Everything was fine afterwards. Well, until this morning, that is. One more thing I cannot understand. I installed Windows 7 on D drive, not on C. I had Windows XP on C drive, looong time ago, so what the hell?

    Realizing that fixing this problem will take a long time, I decided that I will delete Windows 7 completely. But with the lack of knowledge I have, I don't know how. I discovered that using GParted partition editor I can allocate hard drive space to my wish. But I don't really understand how to do that exactly...]

    So, my question is, is there a simple way to delete Windows 7 from Zorin OS 5? If not, can someone explain how does partitioning work exactly?
    Thank you for reading, any help is appreciated!!

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    Re: Zorin OS 5 and Windows 7 dual boot-having an issue!

    Thread moved to the "Other OS/Distro Talk" forum.

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