I recently purchased an Asus U56e (Intel Core i5-2410M, 6gb RAM), and the first thing I did was install Ubuntu 11.10. I have used Ubuntu on other machines for several years with varying degrees of success, and chose the U56E because it had the features I wanted and I did not find any indication that it was incompatible with Ubuntu. I currently have it triple booting along with Mint 12 and Windows 7 (eek), neither of which I really use. When I first installed, it would crash if I shut the lid or suspended it, but that I have fixed. There are three problems that I still find extremely inconvenient:

1: Wireless does not work in Ubuntu. I have tried many of the fixes suggested here, with no effect.

2: After 3.0.0-14-generic, my kernel quit upgrading. Both 3.0.0-15 and 3.0.0-16 have downloaded and installed when I upgrade, but never replaced the old one when I boot. when I type try to install 3.0.0-16 it says it is already installed and the latest version.

3: My machine runs hot, and battery life is much better in Windows. The fan runs constantly in Ubuntu, while in windows it only seems to turn on when I am doing heavy processing.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Ubun2 gy

I think it would be nice if Ubuntu ran a little leaner in general. Compiz crashes frequently, and boot time in 11.10 is horrible compared to 11.04. Granted, I still did beat my brothers Macbook Pro nicely (26.3 seconds to 56.x seconds ).