In regards to "The main suggestion for Edgy Eft":

I was not displeased at all to see the thread put out of its misery. I do wonder what was the reason. I would have thought that it should never have been moved from the "Ubuntu Cafe" to the Edgy forum in the first place. No one requested such a move.

But since it was moved, I now wonder why "the jail"? Was it simply the one fellow's request? "Mangar" had not followed the thread nor offered any comment other than to plead to end a thread he did not need to read.

I ask this because I would have thought that when the OP got called "stupid" or "retarded" that some action would be taken, rather than at the request of a first time poster.

So, I am asking simply who moved the thread, why it was moved, and why "the jail" rather than other places.

One final question for future reference. I never seem to see one fellow censored or warned; it always seems that the action of moderators is to take down a whole thread rather than warn whatever party is guilty. Is this true, or just a mistaken impression on my part?