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But what I want to ask here to begin with is whether I can expect to dual boot Linux (either Debain or Lubuntu) and OSX on a HD of this size? I'll need to somehow acquire installation media to repair OSX--probably requiring a reinstallation. Will the NewWorld boot partition issue straighten itself out once I do that? Is OSX willing to install itself on a pre-sized partition, or does the OSX installation routine allow for partition sizing?
Yes, it will be possible (having done it, I can now state that with confidence). I did acquire installation media and performed a re-installation. I did things sort of backward in that I first installed Debian for powerpc, creating a 15GB partition alongside the Debian partition (ahead of the Debian partition on the disk, actually--not sure how important that is) as a place to later install OSX. The version of fdisk that comes with Debian for ppc allows easy creation of the NewWorld boot partition too, btw. Once that was up and running, I acquired and ran the OSX installation, which saw and was able to use the aforementioned 15GB partition. Having finished that, I was at first unable to boot again into Debian, since the Mac bootloader had sort of taken over. But it was very easy to restore the ability to boot Debian: just hold down the command-alt-p-r keys during boot, which restores the previous booting arrangement. Then, it was very easy to add OSX to yaboot--I used directions found on the Ubuntu wiki for that (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ya...werPCsDualBoot ). So, I can report success at last.