I recently got an infraction for this post.


Granted I was getting frustrated as I was getting told I was lazy, stupid and cant read simple instructions, but I do not think I was rude. It was a little off topic, but in my mind this was the best place to post, based on the fact it works in previous Ubuntu versions but doesn't in 12.04.

I dont want people to do the job for me, I wanted help in figuring out what was wrong. As I explained I'm on mobile broadband and with also updating 12.04 on a regular bases, I'm getting very near my monthly quota. In the grand scheme of things its not that important that a certain printer works under 12.04, but I personally would like to know why. If someone is too busy to help, just say, why reply with posts to make people feel like an idiot?

It seems that this forum has lost its 'help and support' in a friendly atmosphere and been replaced by a bunch of know-it-alls on power trips who enjoy making people feel stupid.