I've installed Lubuntu 12.04 powerpc and i'm paying around with. One thing, very annoying, is there is something wrong with the control of the fan. For what i see, the CPU is always running on maximum speed (1333 MHZ) never going down - even when i'm not doing anything. And, i think, consequently the fan after a while begins to work without any interruption

I've in parallel a setup with Debian "sid" powerpc and LXDE: there the cpu speed is varying between 816 and 1333 MHZ and the fan is only running once in a while.

Now, unfortunately i forgot, where and how i could setup/allow the cpu speed change and where is the config file for the fan (therm_adt74x i think).

Thanks in advance for any advice!

PS. Oh, i've installed pbbuttonsd & powerprefs, but there i don't see the requested options (?)