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Thread: Editing Unity quicklists (without knowledge)

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    Editing Unity quicklists (without knowledge)

    The subject is not new, but so far, most instructions are based on manually editing the .desktop files. For my own convenience, and because I like learning Python a bit, I wrote a set of scripts to make it easy, also for new users.

    Setup is straightforward:

    • Download the '' here
    • Unzip it somewhere in your Home directory
    • Open a terminal, cd to the directory in which te '' file is, run it by the command 'python'

    Basically that's all. After you log out and back in a new menu item will be placed at the bottom of your Home launcher's icon:

    Usage is pretty much speaking for itself:

    At this point the script covers three applications: nautilus-home, Firefox (weblinks) and VirtualBox. I am working on more (LibreOffice etc).
    You can move the folder after installation, but you will have to run the again to repair the linking to- and between the scripts.
    I tried the scripts on 11.10 and 12.04, (Dutch and US English), fresh installed as well as with pre- edited .desktop files, the script takes care of correct file setup and clean handling of the files, I did not run into problems, or they are corrected in this version.

    To remove the scripts, first choose 'nautilus-home' from the script's menu (see above) and after that "restore". Once the original quicklist is restored, simply remove the launcher-editor folder from your system.

    edit 19-2-12
    just added support for LibreOffice quicklists, including a versionchecker (including LibreOffice 3.5). made some adaptions to the to meet the somewhat inconsistent and changing (per version) naming of the .desktop files of LibreOffice.

    edit 20-2-12
    just added support for Banshee (player controls) quicklists
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