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Thread: Need Fast help! Please!

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    Unhappy Need Fast help! Please!

    So I followed all the instructions on R]how to install ubuntu server 11.04 on a USB stick, and I did, and I plucked it into my old HP 7905 running Windows xp. It started booting, it starts booting at the blue HP Intel screen, but it never went past that, So i pulled out the USB stick, shut the computer down. It still won't go past hat screen. Sometimes I can get into BIOS but it says "Enter SETUP..." forever. I left it off for a day, cleaned the dust out, and held the power button down. (Also it worked for me prior to plugging in the USB) I really need some insight here. Was this caused by the ubuntu, and is it fixable? If so how? Many thanks!

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    Re: Need Fast help! Please!

    I really dont think this was caused by ubuntu and to be honest.... im not sure if you can do this on a laptop or not... but see if you can reset the cmos like a desktop.... I know for a fact in a desktop that would fix your issue... I multi boot constantly

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