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Thread: Unity panel always displayed on top of fullscreen windows

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    Re: Unity panel always displayed on top of fullscreen windows

    Here are two more screenshots of the problem.

    This is now in Precise.

    Both screenshots are of Firefox (11.0~b2+build1-0ubuntu1).

    Both screenshots clearly show the Unity panel across the top.

    See the window title, the indicator icons, the clock, the user menu and the system menu?
    None of them shoud be there; furthermore, none of these menus or icons respond to clicks.

    The first screenshot is simply firefox in full screen.

    The second screenshot shows what happens when the mouse touches the top of the screen while firefox is in full-screen: the tab bar and navigation bars drop down.

    You may notice that the background of the panel is different in each screenshot.
    I have set it, in ccsm, to 100% opacity, which somewhat alleviates my frustration (its content is always visble, but at least its background is clear).

    The first screenshot shows the brown border of the Ubuntu Forum's page behind the panel, so the panel appears brown.

    The second screenshot shows the gray background of the the tab bar behind the panel, so the panel appears gray.

    These screenshots were taken by pressing [PrtScr].
    By default, Ubuntu uses gnome-screenshot for [PrtScr].
    The screenshots represent exactly what is displayed on my screen, except they are down-sized for the forum limitations.
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