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Thread: mysql connection does not work via

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    Exclamation mysql connection does not work via

    My postfix connection is reporting an error this morning:
    Feb 15 09:33:23 helo postfix/cleanup[45022]: warning: connect to mysql server Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (110)
    When I try to connect to MySQL manually, it seems to work so long as I don't specify a host. But when I do specify the localhost, it cannot connect. It just times out.

    The odd thing is that this works:
    mysql -u postfix_user -p -h localhost
    But this does not:
    mysql -u postfix_user -p -h
    I checked my /etc/hosts file and localhost does resolve to so those two commands should work exactly the same.

    No errors are shown in the syslog or the mysql logs.

    A number of different google searches seem to suggest checking the firewall settings. Outside of iptables, I don't have anything else installed (at least that I know of).

    Can anyone offer a clue?


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    Re: mysql connection does not work via

    I was able to fix this by changing the smtp/smtps chroot status to "no" in the

    Not sure what changed between reboots to make this not work. But it's working now.

    Posting here for posterity.

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