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Thread: Mac OS X Touchpad Emulation?

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    Mac OS X Touchpad Emulation?


    Is there anyway to get the touchpad to work similar to OS X? I'm having difficulty getting used to it. Usually I use my finger to scroll and my thumb rests upon the lower (button part) of the trackpad in which to click. However, as you'll know, in Ubuntu the mouse becomes unusable and doesn't move if your thumb rests there first.

    Does anyone know of any way to change this? I'm new to Ubuntu so any simple instructions would be nice, I did a bit of searching and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.

    Thanks a lot,


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    Re: Mac OS X Touchpad Emulation?

    You've probably figured out by now, but if you're still interested, check out this link:

    Haven't tried it (I'm on an old macbook) but I've heard it works.
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    Re: Mac OS X Touchpad Emulation?

    thanks for that post was wondering how to get that working also


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