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Thread: Using a local apt repository behind a firewall

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    Using a local apt repository behind a firewall


    I have a scenario in which I am unable to connect to both a local repository and the external repositories supplied as default. The problem seems to be the http proxy set up on our lan. Let me explain my process:

    1. created a .deb file using dpkg -b
    2. used reprepro to create a local repository
    3. installed apache2
    4. edited sources.list to include location of my new repository
    5. ran sudo apt-get update

    The error is a http (403) Forbidden when trying to read the Packages file.

    Two outcomes:
    1. When I remove my proxy file, i.e. 01proxy, then the call works.
    2. When I use wget to try and get the same (problem) Packages file as stated above, it fails. BUT, if I use sudo wget on that same Packages file, then it works.

    My Conclusion:
    I either have a permissions issue, or a network issue.

    In addition, I also tried setting up a vsftpd server to see if I could server via ftp, but ran into similar permission problems. When I tried to lftp into my local site, it would go into a (logging in...) loop and never get there. BUT, when I used sudo lftp, then there were no issues. So using the ftp url in my sources.list file, I got the same (logging in...) step, and never got anywhere. So the worry was that I was running apt-get as root, but the child ftp process must have been run as another user. Which one, i don't know.

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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