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Isn't the idea behind having a HTPC, to have a stable platform to watch videos, listen do music, and do other media related tasks?

By not purchasing a TV, you are limiting yourself to watching videos on a small screen. All LCD/Plasma/LED Tv's include a VGA connector, as well as multiple HDMI connectors. There is no reason not to use a TV as a video monitor.
Yeah, that'd be my understanding of it. I don't have a TV now, simply because it's not a priority for me at the moment and my 19" external is enough for now, but when I've had a TV, I had an HTPC brain for it that wasn't my work machine. If a real TV is ~$500 USD and the HTPC is ~$200 or less, it seems like the TV is the "investment," there; I can't imagine buying a TV and then not buying a dedicated box for it.