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    Re: Wayland Live CD

    Ok good to hear Cecil ....

    Just got around to trying this out ,,,,,

    On the Asus AsusK53SV i7 with the hybrid integrated graphics Nvidia 540 GT ...... it stopped on a blinking cursor top left .....
    but it would boot ok from the second menu choice - using the X display.


    The Acer 7730zg with nvidia 9300 m gs ....... it does go into the wayland desktop screen .....

    but ,,,,, no mouse pointer ,,,, even unplugged and re-plugged in the USB mouse
    and no keyboard functions seem to work other than ctrl + alt + f1

    keyboard is working ..... but the things for bringing up a terminal do not ..... Ctrl + Alt + t *(not sure if its disabled now)

    which I then stopped weston with and went into the xsession .... this is where I am typing this from now.

    Not installed this one ...... just running it from the DVD ......
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