Recently, i tried to switch to Ubuntu. However, i'm having one problem which makes work on my laptop (Acer Extensa 5235) impossible. In Ubuntu, it seems that my touchpad isn't working as it should. I can move my coursor, but can't click anywhere. When i try to click, Ubuntu just ignores it. With mouse attached, system works (some time, but then problem occures again), but when i try to use touchpad then my mouse stops working immediately. Furthermore, i tried to install Kubuntu. Great, mouse has no problems at all. But after using my touchpad, it has the same problem as Ubuntu. However, after logging off, I again, can click with mouse\touchpad on the login fields without problems. I'm new to Linux and i'm trying to switch, but I work a lot outdoors and this problem makes it impossible to switch.

If it's important, I have no problems with my touchpad\mouse in windows, so harware is fine. Tried on 32 and x64 Ubuntu and x64 Kubuntu.

Solution for Kubuntu is preferred (if different), as I find KDE more suitable for myself.

I tried to google, but no fix was found. So if you can give me the link where it's solved, Ill accept my stupidity and be gone

Thank you for your help and pardon my English. Hope you understood what I'm talking about here.