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Thread: export variable from one shell to another (global variable?)

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    Question export variable from one shell to another (global variable?)

    Hi guys,

    Lets say i have 2 terminals open.
    if in terminal 1 i type
    export MYVALUE=1
    and in terminal 2 i type
    echo ${MYVALUE}
    I don't get any output, how can i assign a variable in one terminal and ensure it is global so that it can be read in another terminal?

    Many thanks
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    Re: export variable from one shell to another (global variable?)

    philips321 ..

    In short, you can't, at least not for variables defined on-the-fly. This is because a shell is a child of a parent process, it takes the characteristics (variables) of the parent but not those of its syblings.

    The standard method of defining variables is via the shells profile (/etc/profile ~/.bash_profile, ~/.zprofile, etc) any variable defined in one or other of these files will be set globally for subsqequent child processes. Each variable can be set to a value other than that set by the parent, however, the childs syblings, do not automatically inherit these values. If the variable was written to a file a sybling could source it (see: man source) and so have that same variable, but this, I think, is not what you have in mind

    HTH ...

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