Hello guys!

I have successfully installed mythbunzu, although the driver for my card (radeon) does not yet support HDMI-audio(at least the corresponding webpage states this for CAICOS chipsets[i am using a HD6450]). But this doesn't bother me that much, I have the sound running via the output of the soundcard and am connected to my stereo amplifier. Somewhen, this will be solved...

The only problem I still see is missing sound on some DVDs. For example I have a "Terminator 1"-DVD, which is runniing fine with sound in the menu, but as soon as the movie starts, sound is gone.

I have already installed w64codecs-package, but this did not solve anything either. If I let the DVD run in vlc, sound is running fine. Only the internal player of mythtv doesn't give me sound on this movie.

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot for any hint in advance.

Best regards,