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Thread: Dynamic L2L IPSEC to Cisco IOS

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    Dynamic L2L IPSEC to Cisco IOS

    I need to build a Linux box that will act as a gateway/VPN endpoint to allow me to run a Site to site/ LAN to LAN VPN to My Headoffice which ahs a Cisco IOS VPN endpoint.

    I need the Linux box to be happy with any public IP address it has.

    Can this be done.

    I'm looking at Racoon but I have installed IPSEC tools and still dont see a racoon.conf file to configure.

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    Re: Dynamic L2L IPSEC to Cisco IOS

    I think it's under /etc/racoon?

    Note that IPSEC is insanely difficult to configure, as there's usually one way to configure it correctly and a trillion billion bazillion ways to configure it wrong. You can tell it was designed by a committee who wanted to throw the kitchen sink in there.


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