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Thread: Ubuntu Support Pages Collection (Data Base)

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    Ubuntu Support Pages Collection (Data Base)

    I started an Ubuntu references & resources collection about three years ago and have maintained it since.

    Recently I completed a reorganization of this collection. Out with the old (gnome2) and in with the new (gnome3). And I thought that while its in such good shape that I would offer it to the community, if anyone has an interests in such things. Its not perfect, but its as close as it gets. Maintenance is always an on going process. To get an idea of whats covered:


    I use Zotero as a collection manager and it will be necessary to download this program (3.5MB) in order to use my collection.

    The data download is a 240M tar.gz. After installation 610M of space will be used.

    Download site:


    Place the tar.gz in your (home) /.mozilla/firefox/*.default and extract. Then download Zotero.

    If you have already downloaded Zotero, simply delete the installed "zotero" folder and replace with the tar.gz.

    If this is not a fresh install of Zotero and you have data already stored in it; then do not delete this folder.
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