Hi guys,

I've just burned meself a 11.04 Lubuntu CD and tried to give it a go.

On selecting the "try out..." option in the first menu on the CD, I run into problems...

I get stuck in a terminal sort of thing and umm... I'm kind of stuck there (serious terminal noob I'm afriad!). I tried various combinations of passwords and usernames and stuff to no avail.

I tried "sudo startx" (vague memories some some other Linux distro) which looked as if it was going to work, but then it went back to the terminal thing with a load of text, including ".xauthority does not exist".

I thought perhaps my disk/download was dodgy, but I checked the MD5 and did the Lubuntu CD's "Disk check" thing, and both were fine. Over the past few weeks, Windows has done two CHKDSKs on booting up - could this be related?

I'm not sure what's going on - any ideas?
Thanks for reading this far!