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Thread: Instantbird & Skype

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    Exclamation Instantbird & Skype

    Does anyone know if there is a way to chat on the Skype network using Instantbird?

    I realize that doing so (if possible) would seriously limit the available features but I am only interested in using Skype because of a couple of friends that only use Skype for instant messaging. I'm not interested and any of the features of Skype except for basic text instant messaging.

    I would appreciate any help anyone can offer with regard to this other than the Instantbird addons site which I have already checked.

    Jef Golden

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    Re: Instantbird & Skype

    I know this is way late, but I've also waited a long time for Instantbird to integrate Skype too. As far as I know - and I've also searched quite a bit - there's no plugin and no native support for Skype in Instantbird. I used it for a while and kind of liked it, but ended up going back to Kopete. It integrates better with my system anyway. Other than that, there's always Pidgin. I don't think there's a way around having Skype open, at least in the background.

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    Re: Instantbird & Skype

    I don't know much about Instantbird but after looking I don't see anything. I do know Pidgin does have it working for Skype.

    Pidgin Plugins
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