NINE, 9 The Last Resort, need working - x-post from WINE, MODS can delete one if you want I just found this old cd in my basement, remember playing it in middle school. It is a Myst type game but a lot darker and completely insane. I've tried running it about every way I can think of, and I'll keep trying, but I could really use some help. I'm better at DOS than I am with linux, and I suck at DOS... I'm running natty narwhal if someone could try this on the newest or an older version that'd be greeaaat. I might be able to upload my copy if the copyright is up on it and there is interest? Game was a flop when it came out but I had fun with it, maybe if I can play it now I could actually beat is COMPLETELY INSANE

Anyway, here's some screenshots showing as many things as I can on the screen, hopefully somebody here can help, I'll add more as I try more things
The setup menu in the center of teh screen is from when I run it normally through Wine or Wine Core exe it gets to 100% then errors out and spits up the black terminal in the top left