Tried creating a bootable Linux installer yesterday. Using a GParted LiveCD, I formatted a thumb drive to fat32 as suggested at Unetbootin website. Downloaded unetbootin from repos. Fired up the application and asked it to create a bootable drive from an .iso saved to the Desktop. Everything appeared to go OK but the stick won't boot.

I tried the drive in a couple of different PC's. Using the Boot Options keys, I chose USB device. In both cases, the PC appears to look at the thumb drive, then boots from HDD.

If I open the thumb drive from a running Linux PC, the contents look like a LiveCD to me; the same filenames, etc.

I think I'll try again by booting from a LiveCD, then going to Start-Up Disc Creator. If that doesn't work I'll try again using PenDrive on a Windows PC. In the meantime can anyone suggest a "known good" brand of thumb drive? Some comments online indicate some thumb drives just don't work as bootable.