I have 2 monitors. On the left I have a Dell 1704FPT and on the right I have a Dell E177FP. My GPU is a GeForce6800.
The left monitor is plugged in directly via VGA while the right one is plugged in to a VGA -> DVI adapter.
Both have a native resolution of 1280x1024.
nvidia-settings recognizes the right one's native resolution (the E177FP in DVI port) at 1280x1024.
However, it fails to allow me to select the same resolution on the left monitor.
The highest resolution I can select is 1024x768. If I do Advanced, and set the resolution manually the result is the monitor being zoomed in and not showing everything (basically the monitor still thinks it's a 1024x768 and I have to move around the monitor with my mouse to see the whole screen).

Any help is appreciated.

This problem has all of the sudden shown up on all the distros I have tried in past weeks.
I am on 11.10 now, but I did have this issue in Arch, Debian, and Fedora over the past week.
Previously I had an 11.10 install and this problem was not occuring.