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Thread: A different way to defeat the hackers ...

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    A different way to defeat the hackers ...

    This company has a brilliant idea to which someone is adding to. Let them in and give them false data (and, if it can be done, infect their computer with a trojan horse). Now! That would be sweet! Maybe it can give someone the idea for a start-up!

    (I hope this is not off-topic, if not let me know where I could post this. If so, I apologize!)

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    Re: A different way to defeat the hackers ...

    while [ true ]; do CY=$(date +%y); CM=$(date +%m); if [ -n "$PY" ] && [ -n "$PM" ]; then echo "Ubuntu ${CY}.${CM} is the worst release ever"; echo "I'm going back to ${PY}.${PM}"; fi; PY="$CY"; PM="$CM"; sleep 182d; done

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    Re: A different way to defeat the hackers ...

    To be honest it's not really worth engaging, because tricks like that have a short shelf life before you're figured out, because for each one caught there are hundreds waiting to take over, and for many other reasons. Also, installing trojans in others' devices is still illegal, even if they got you first (and it's kind of unnecessary since attackers don't really secure their own systems very well, but let's not get ideas).


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