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Thread: webcamStudio desktop cast to LiveStream not working

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    Question webcamStudio desktop cast to LiveStream not working

    Hey guys,

    I've got an Asus K70IC with an NVIDIA video card and a 1600 x 900 resolution, running on Ubuntu 10.04. I'm trying to use WebcamStudio to screencast my desktop to a LiveStream feed, but whenever I try, I only get bars through the feed (see the images for a screenshot).

    The WebcamStudio preview window itself looks fine. I've set the source to Desktop, Position to 640 x 480, and Format to 1608 x 851 with a Framerate of 25 (as per LiveStream's FAQ).

    On the Livestream Webcaster I have the input set to Video WebcamStudio 0, aspect ratio at 4:3, Frame Rate at 25, and Quality at Medium. I've tried adjusting each and every one of these settings to no avail.

    This is my first attempt at live streaming so I have the feeling that I'm missing something really obvious. If anybody can pinpoint what I'm doing wrong, I'd be greatly obliged.
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