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Thread: Root password change successful, but does not work

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    Root password change successful, but does not work


    Here's my current situation. I have installed Backtrack 5 R1 (which is essentially Ubuntu 10.04 with lots of preloaded packages) onto a 16 GB flash drive, and everything words fine until I change the root password. I have the Gnome 64-bit edition.

    The default root/toor combination works, and I'm able to load the desktop using startx. When I log on as root and enter
    , I am able to change the root password. I then proceed to restart and login, and the just-changed password does not work. I will update later today the exact message I am receiving, but I believe it's just an incorrect login attempt. Please don't suggest I am entering the wrong password..If I can't remember a password 5 minutes later then I shouldn't even be using BT.
    I am not at my computer now, but the only idea I have now is to make another user account and attempt to change the root password while on another account. I have checked the /etc/passwd file and the shadow file - Everything looks normal, so I am baffled as to why I am running into such a seemingly-simple error. Thanks!

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    Re: Root password change successful, but does not work

    When you say you've installed Backtrack on the flash drive, have you actually installed it and not just made a live USB? Live environments made in the latter manner are not persistent across reboots.

    However, newer versions of UNetbootin can create persistence files for Ubuntu Live USBs. I don't know if this will work for Backtrack, but it might since it's based on Ubuntu.

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