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Thread: Can't access web development server using LAN IP

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    Can't access web development server using LAN IP

    I am trying out Google App Engine on Eclipse 3.5. I am able to access the web server and application through localhost as well on the same machine. But I can't access it through the 192.168.2.x either on the same machine or another machine in the local network. I also tried running an app from the command line (without Eclipse) and I got the same result.

    I have used GlassFish on Netbeans before, and I recall I didn't have much trouble accessing it then. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Re: Can't access web development server using LAN IP

    firewall? look in system->admin-> for a firwall option otherwise google iptables, also i'd reccomend installing webmin to manage all your network/host settings (makes life easyer).

    hope this helps

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    Re: Can't access web development server using LAN IP

    I imagine after 2 years you've probably worked around this problem, but for anyone else who found this as the first relevant search result when attempting to solve this problem, I found this:

    Which suggests using the proxy pen:

    sudo apt-get install pen
    pen 8079 localhost:8888

    This will cause any traffic coming in through 192.168.1.x:8079 to be forwarded to the local GAE server on 8888.

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