Hy everybody,

i recently bought an Panasonic DMP-BDT110EG Player and try
to create avi files from my dvd collection. First thing i
have to learn is that avi is no format, only the xvid format
is running.

If i encode a dvd with the following line:

mencoder -dvd-device ${directory} dvd://1
-o ${directory}/${output}
-ovc xvid
-oac copy
-xvidencopts pass=2:bitrate=2000
-vf scale=1366:768

I got an avi which is able to fast forward, but only until
ca half of the movie. When i try to play, the picture freezes.
I have different running high resultion avi files which are
able to fast forward until the end of the film, from windows
i would assume. So i think mencoder is the problem.

Are there any suggestions, what i can do better? Are there better
tools on linux? I use Ubuntu 64 10.04

Many Thanks in advance