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Thread: Ubuntu 11.10 w Nvidia Graphics Card not working

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    Ubuntu 11.10 w Nvidia Graphics Card not working - solution

    Watch this video I just created (and is uploading):

    My system:
    Hardware: Fujitsu NH751
    Software: Ubuntu 11.10 alternate cd, full disc encryption.

    To put it quick:
    1. Do a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10 with Alternate CD, X64-bit (probably any dist of 11.10 will work).
    2. Use another computer to download and burn SuperGrub2 iso.-image to a cd/dvd and boot with it (or create a bootable usb-stick with it).
    3. Select the Third option: "Detect Grub .cfg" and boot with it (press Enter two times).
    4. Wait 10 seconds and enter your full disc encryption key and press Enter, even if the screen still is black.
    5. Wait 30 seconds and you'll have the 11.10 login menu with perfect drivers and hardware acceleration.
    6. Use Software Center to install GNOME Shell.
    7. ENJOY!

    The installation is not really "fresh" since i installed all the updates and some additional software. That does not concern the solution to the "Nvidia bug" anyhow, since I applied it before downloading updates and GNOME Shell (yes, you too could do it safely).

    Here is a link to supergrub2, used in the video:

    And by the way, I have not installed the "additional drivers" available since I think those could mess up the system. If you already done that, or further modifications, then you should try to do a completely fresh install and try this method.

    During install I used "guided partitioning" and "Full disc encryption with LVM".

    Hope this works for you also!
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