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I would suggest monitoring temps, easier under windows frankly with coretemp or similar to make sure overheating is not the problem.
I have installed a plasmoid to monitor core temperatures and they are usually in the high twenties to low thirties Celsius.

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From your post i feel it could be a faulty PSU. And if that is fine then it is mostly the mobo.
The PSU is a cheap Zebronic 450W unit that I have now discovered does not deliver the "stated" power. It might be the cause. I am not an intense graphics user, except for the odd video and hence have never stressed it.

I hope it is not the mobo. Another, identical Gigabyte mobo gave up just after the warranty expired. So, there is a precedent there that I hope will not be repeated.

Having said that I think mobo failures are usually digital or catastrophic. The other mobo simply stopped booting; this one works well otherwise.