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Thread: Asus 1015BX suspension won't resume

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    Asus 1015BX suspension won't resume

    Hi guys,
    I'm new to linux and i really need some help because i'm out of ideas.
    The problem is that my netbook (asus1015bx) won't resume from suspension. i tried every fix i could find on the internet but to no avail, i also tried to disable c60 from the bios, nothing changed.
    When i close the lid or hit the suspension button the netbook does his job and suspends, but then when it has to resume you can see the hard disk led working for a bit and then stopping, while no backlight comes up on the screen. The only way to restore everything is to unplug the power cable or the battery and reboot.
    I'm using ati proprietary drivers (11.12)
    I would be so thankful if someone could troubleshoot me through this step by step, i'm a newbie and i'm still getting used to this.
    Thank you!
    edit: i found out hibernation doesnt work either! when it has to resume, the backlight goes on but nothing appears on the screen and rebooting is the only way to fix it. Please help meeee thank you!

    edit2: i'm running oneiric ocelot, i just formatted and without updating anything it works fine. My thought is: could it be an ati driver problem? It seems like a plausible solution, im going to update everything but those and see if it still works. Those drivers do not make my experience any better even if i have a decent video card, a 6290 Radeon with a c-60.

    edit3: everything is working perfectly now, may i ask you, is the difference between fglrx and open source drivers so big to justify the loss of hibernation and suspension? I dont think it's worth to install the fglrx, they were installed properly, but i couldnt really notice a difference...
    Or if this is a known issue, is there a way to install the fglrx and have a workaround for this problem?
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