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Thread: Linux Machine Crashes Router

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    Linux Machine Crashes Router

    I have a custom built computer (ASUS M4A79T Mobo) with gigabit ethernet running ubunti 10.04, which crashes my 100 MBit/s linksys router very repeatably. Re-booting the router fixes the problem, for about 5 minutes, after which it crashes again.

    Throttling the speed to 100M from the ubuntu machine does not fix the problem. Thoughts?

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    Re: Linux Machine Crashes Router

    I saw this before here maybe try the same as suggested, toggling the n or bg modes
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    Re: Linux Machine Crashes Router

    I have the same issue with my laptop. Any time I run a .deb distro it kills my wireless connection and the router goes out. I had to install openSUSE and that for some reason actually works with my wireless. Fedora also works with my wireless. None of the 'buntus do. I wish I could get ubuntu to work with my laptop. Anyway, try a live cd with openSUSE or Fedora and see if you have any different luck. I know its not a complete answer but it might help troubleshooting.
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