I have a large library of flac encoded audio files with the appropriate cover art image embedded in the metatag information plus stored in the album folder as cover.jpg. I recently used a great little script called flac2mp3 to convert the flac files to mp3 for my wifes ipod but this does not embed the cover art in the mp3 file it creates. No matter I thought, so I just rsync'ed the cover.jpg to the appropriate mp3 folder. Unfortunately, itunes does not read the cover.jpg file but apparently will read embedded cover art

I guess my question is, is there a tool that will automatically add the cover.jpg image to the metadata tag of the mp3 files within a folder? ideally from the command line? There is a useful windows tool called Mp3tag to do this but I would like to get it all done on my ubuntu server so that my wife only has to download the files.