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Thread: pidgin and hotmail: wrong password?

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    pidgin and hotmail: wrong password?

    I use pidgin 2.6.2 in a hp compaq 6720s laptop with dual boot vista/ubuntu karmic koala.

    Since some time ago, when i try to open my hotmail account from pidgin to see messages, appears the login hotmail's page saying the password is incorrect (it automatically introduces it as i have configured in pidgin) and i have to introduce it manually twice, since the first time login page says the password introduced is wrong (i am positive the pass is well written automaticallly and manually).

    Some time ago, i hadn't this problem with pidgin, i could connect the hotmail account automatically.

    Someone has the same problem?. How can i do to open automatically my hotmail account?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: pidgin and hotmail: wrong password?

    I know pidgin used to log me in on multiple hotmail accounts just life live mail but awhile ago it stopped. I wonder if there is a update in pidgin to get it all going again.

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