I have just upgraded my netbook from 11.04 to 11.10, and find that gnome-do will not run.

I have purged gnome-do & gnome-do-plugins and reinstalled, and this issue still occurs:

If I attempt to start it in the terminal by typing gnome-do, nothing happens. It appears to just hang - the terminal does not give another prompt; it's as if the program is running but giving no indication that it's doing anything. I have to exit with ctrl+C. Leaving that running and then trying to invoke gnome-do (with my normal key-combination before reinstall) didn't start it up, and it should come up on its own on first run after a fresh install.

Gnome-do --debug does nothing as well, the same hang occurs.

When I start it using the launcher (and again nothing happens), I can open up a terminal and run top: I find a process called cli that is eating 90+ of my CPU. It appears to be something started by mono (based on reading the man page for cli). Killing it works fine, but then I'm back where I started.

Please help! I need my gnome-do shortcuts!

- r