Hey all,

I've tried the IRC and got no response, so figured I'd try the forum.

Getting the following issues with the laptop on Ubuntu 11.10 and hoping I can get some fast and helpful responses:

1. Suspend/Hibernate Don't Work
I travel a lot, so have a need for a suspend or preferably hibernate function. Right now, when I do suspend or hibernate from the Unity interface, the programs close as expected, but I just end up with a black screen with a blinking cursor (screen backlight still on). This persists for several minutes until I eventually hard-boot the machine.

This is my most urgent and pressing issue, and it's really making this OS all but un-usable for me at the moment.

2. Fn Key turns Wi-Fi Off, but not Back On
When I press the F12 key to turn the wi-fi off, that works fine, but when I press it again, the networks menu in the system tray constantly shows my wi-fi card as 'device not ready'. The only way I've found to make it work again is to reboot the machine, even a logout/login doesn't seem to solve it.

3. Frequent Crashes from Ubuntu Software Centre
The software centre often crashes with no reason, I can work around this by using apt-get in a terminal window, but am wondering if these crashes are known about and if there is a fix for them.

If anyone can help with the above, it'll be much appreciated.