Hi, I tired to see if Ubuntu 11.10 would work using virutalbox and sure enough it loaded and I was able to see the desktop with no problem. This leads me to belive that the problem that I am having with trying to run Ubuntu 11.10 using Wubi is likely to be a problem related to settings that are in the new kernel. In brief, when I try to run ubuntu using wubi, I get out of range message on my monitor and cannot access a terminal. If I boot with nomodeset, I can get to the splash screen and then monitor goes out of range when tryong to load the desktop. I believe that I am having this problem becasue this monitor is not a standard computer monitor although it does have VGA port. One should be able to choose the correct monitor perameters instead of the correct information trying to be autodetected and resulting in a failure with the user having no idea where to look and how to fix it. This attempt to automate everything in my opinion makes linux more difficult to set up and use rather than making it easier to use. I am not blaming uubntu on this at all. To me the people who work with the kernel are at fault. Let the user set up and choose the correct settings themselves. I personally feel like if a user does not personally know the correct settings, they shoould take time and consult their manuals. If they don't have to time or don't understand, then maybe tey should not be using linux to begin with and just stick with windows which everything is auto detected and works. I feel like linux is trying too much to be like windows in having everything try and be autodetected but it does not work for everything.