Not sure if this is the best place for this enquiry.

I've got NX server up and running on my Ubuntu box. I can connect to the server from a client installed on my Windows XP laptop.

According to the nomachine documentation here and here the built-in "Web Player" should allow me connect to my server using any browser by pointing it to http://ipaddress:4080. I would therefore not have to use the client software and it might work on my smartphone/tablet, which would be really handy.

The docs say a pre-requisite is Apache, which I have installed and is working. On my laptop I can see the welcome pageserver from Ubuntu just fine.

However, when trying to access the Web Player I get (in Chrome) "This web page is not available".

Has anyone got NX Web Player to work successfully and can help me get it up and running please? It's on the same network, I have no software firewall on my server.