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Thread: iMac G4 minimal install cli 11.04 leads to white screen

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    Re: iMac G4 minimal install cli 11.04 leads to white screen

    Okay, found a bit more time to have a look into this. The easiest thing is probably to install a newer version of unity. There should be a newer version in oneiric-updates, but maybe it has been missed off for powerpc (EDIT: yep here is the fail, but it was built later for 12.04)? The powerpc time stamp is a few days later than for other architectures. This is what I think is causing the problems. So see if you can install the new version manually....

    wget -P/tmp
    sudo dpkg -i /tmp/unity_4.24.0-0ubuntu2b1_powerpc.deb
    Then you will be able to install ubuntu-desktop.

    EDIT: This fix nolonger works because the unity package in 12.04 has been upgraded. You can download it directly from launchpad instead , or install an older version of unity-common:

    wget -P/tmp
    sudo dpkg -i /tmp/unity-common_4.22.0-0ubuntu3_all.deb
    You will then be able to install ubuntu-desktop. There is also a new unity package in the proposed repository that you could alternatively enable or download as above? See and .
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