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Thread: Selectively installing proposed-updates with apt-get

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    Question Selectively installing proposed-updates with apt-get

    I'm trying to follow this guide to install the proposed version of libmsn0.3 without upgrading my whole system to proposed versions, but the guide suggests using aptitude while I want to use apt-get. I tried
    sudo apt-get install libmsn0.3/oneiric-proposed
    sudo apt-get install -t=oneiric-proposed libmsn0.3
    but both says "libmsn0.3 is already the newest version". "apt-cache show" reports Version: 4.1-2ubuntu1, but I'm pretty sure the proposed-repo has version 4.1-2ubuntu1.1 (at least it says so here), which has the bugfix I'm interested in.

    How can I force apt-get to install version 1.1 like they do with aptitude in the guide I linked to?
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