I am relatively new to Ubuntu and am running Ubuntu 11.04. I will be using this computer for work in my home office. I have 2 dell 15 inch monitors. I have the monitors on a splitter instead of having 2 separate cards. The computer I have has a DVI hookup but my monitors are VGA so I have an adapter so I can use the monitors.

Since I am new to Ubuntu I basically need someone to explain the process I need to go through in detail. Please be patient with me !

Currently with the dual monitors plugged in I am seeing mirror screens. I would like the second screen to be an extension of the first. When I go to the monitors tab under administration it only shows 1 Dell 15 in monitor, so at this point it is not recognizing the second.

Is there anything special I need to download to be able to use these two monitors as I need them? If you need any more information about my system such as the card I can look it up. Just so you know I am simply new, not incompetent. Please help!